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WRC 1023: Freshman Composition (Hall)

Topic: Impact of phishing on community


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Charles Wu
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Access to UTSA Library Subscription Databases

  • You can use the following UTSA Library subscription databases to find out some datasets on phishing.
  • Please note: access to all these databases requires of login with your UTSA abc123 and password 

Searching the Database Statistical Abstract of the United States

In the search box, type “Phishing” > you should get this result > Table 1428: Internet Crime Complaints—Victims And Value Of Loss By Crime Type: 2017 To 2019.

Searching the Database Statista

There are are three ways as below to pull out certain datasets on phishing in this databases: 

Searching all EBSCOhost Databases


Potentially useful and relevant search terms to find out articles on phishing with datasets may include: Phishing or Vishing or Smishing or Pharming or Whaling or Malware (Please refer to this link - https://www.itgovernance.eu/blog/en/the-5-most-common-types-of-phishing-attack). Below are two examples of results from using these search terms, plus, all of results contain some tables/charts/graphs: 

  1. If you use this search statement (you can simply copy those highlighted into the EBSCO search box) -  SU (Phishing or Vishing or Smishing or Pharming or Whaling or Malware) AND SU comput* AND TI (Phishing or Vishing or Smishing or Pharming or Whaling or Malware), the result would be like this.
  2. Click this link to get the result of searching terms - TI (Phishing or Vishing or Smishing or Pharming ) AND SU comput*