ECO 5003: Economic Theory and Policy (Hollas)


In this course guide, you will find links to required textbooks and readings for ECO 5003 with Dr. Hollas.  In addition, review Other Resources page that may be helpful for this course.

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A few clarifications:

  • Resources in this guide include both (1) freely available on the web textbooks and websites and (2) e-books, articles, and databases licensed by the UTSA Libraries, which require UTSA abc123 login off campus.
  • A library database is a collection of licensed proprietary content that is thoroughly indexed and searchable via an internal engine.  Typically, content in databases is not freely available on the Internet. A database may include journal articles, e-books, streaming media, as well as a variety of business-type content, such as company, industry, country, market, and analyst reports; financials; other data and statistics; newspapers; trade publications; legal cases; and more.
  • Articles and e-books are easily searchable via Library Quick Search on the library homepage, our discovery tool that searches across multiple databases. Type in the title of a book or an article and review the results.

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  • Other types of business information are not well-findable in Library Quick Search and have to be searched within a specific database. Exploring Research Guides will help you get familiar with different databases.
  • Use chat if you need help, or email me.


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