Secondary Marketing Research Certificate



Industry Classification



Economic Census




Industry metrics / benchmarks / ratios


Trade associations


Researching Industry

Industry classifications help find relevant economic and business data collected by the government; business information vendors use industry classifications to organize their data and make their products searchable.

  • What are the two main industry classification systems in the U.S.?
  • Are they the only industry classification systems?
  • What is the NAICS code for food trucks?
  • What are the food trucks called in “census” terms?
  • What is an establishment?
  • What is an enterprise?
  • Is there a designated government agency that assigns NAICS codes to businesses?
  • What is “primary business activity”?
  • Can a business have more than one NAICS code?
  • How many digits are in a NAICS code?
  • What are NAICS-based codes?

U.S. Census Bureau Business and Economic Information

  • Determine whether any relevant statistics are available for food trucks. Familiarize yourself with different Census products.
  • Find a definition for nonemployers and nonemployer statistics.  Where can you find data about them?
  • Are nonemployers included in the Economic Census?

UTSA Databases for Industries

  •  What types of reports are available?  Name the titles.
  •  Can you create an industry financial report for mobile food services for San Antonio?
  • Create a 5-year Industry financial report for Texas in Sales Class $500,000-999,999 million? How many firms are analyzed in 2014?
  • Locate the data for 2014 on:
    • business revenue
    • gross margin
    • operating expenses
    • discretionary owner earnings
  • Can you locate profit and loss profiles for sole proprietors in mobile food services?  What is the annual gross profit % in 2014?
  • Review the data sources and methodology of BizMiner (Resources > Data, Methodology).  What are the sources of data?
  • Can you find information about an individual company in BizMiner?
  • What is the report title for food trucks in IBISWorld?
  • When was it published?
  • What are the key economic drivers in the food truck industry?
  • What are the operating conditions?
  • What is the level of regulation?
  • Name two trade associations for food trucks.
  • Name two trade journals/industry portals for food trucks.

Government Regulation

  • Find regulations applicable to food trucks.

Local Regulation

  • Use a Google operator site to limit to the local government info:
    • food truck
  • What are the terms used in the City of San Antonio documents to discuss food trucks?
  •  What are the San Antonio requirements for food truck operations?