EndNote for Mac

This guide details the steps for using EndNote on a Mac. It covers Cite While You Write in Pages and Word for Mac.

About Cite While You Write

How To Cite While You Write

Inserting Citations:

  1. Place your cursor in the spot in your paper where you want your citation marker to appear.
  2. Go to the EndNote toolbar.
  3. Click the looking glass button to search for a citation.
  4. The "Find & Insert My References" box will appear.
  5. Type in information about your Reference (author, title, or year) to search your library and find your Reference
  6. Select the Reference you wish to insert into your paper and click the "Insert" button at the bottom of the box.
  7. Your in-text citation now appears and the citation has been added to your notes at the end of your paper (Bibliography or Works Cited page).

*If you are unsure about the functions associated with the pictures on the buttons in your EndNote toolbar, hover your mouse over the picture. A small box will appear identifying what that button does.

Formatting your Bibliography:

  1. In the EndNote toolbar, click on the "Format Bibliography" button.
  2. The "Format Bibliography" box will appear.
  3. Select the document you wish to format. The system will default to the open document, but you may select another document if you wish.
  4. Ensure that the output style is the one you want, APA 6th, etc. If not, click the "Browse" button next to the "With output style" box and find your desired style. If you are unable to locate your desired style, click on the question mark (?) at the bottom of the box and follow the instructions for adding a style.
  5. Make sure that the "Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography" button is checked.
  6. Next, select the "Layout" tab.
  7. Choose the font and type size you want for your bibliography.
  8. In the "Bibliography Title" box, you may type in a title relevant to your citation style. For APA, use the title "References". For MLA, use the title "Works Cited".
  9. Make sure the spacing is set up the way you want.
  10. Now select the "Instant Formatting" tab and ensure that it is turned on.  This will automatically update your bibliography to match your citations add you add or delete references in your paper.
  11. Click "OK".
  12. Your bibliography should reflect your formatting changes.

Omitting a Field

Editing an Existing Citation

  1. Highlight the citation you wish to change.
  2. Select "Edit & Manage Citation(s)" in the EndNote toolbar.
  3. Click "Exclude Author" or "Exclude Year," depending on the construction of your sentence.
  4. Add pages if you wish.

Modifying a Citation as it is Created

  1. In the EndNote tab of the toolbar, go to "Find Citation(s)".
  2. When the search box appears, find your reference.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Insert" button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select "Insert & Exclude Author," "Insert & Exclude Year," or "Insert & Exclude Author & Year" as appropriate.